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Online lessons news

We would like to share with you news from our online lessons, pupils´opinions on current events or short pupils´  stories on different topics.

Mark´s View of Present School Life - Marek Chytil 4. C

Dear followers, I request you to read my newest piece of art. I am new to writing stories, and I would really appriciate you to rate it.
Here we go:
   What a strange year. My PC chair got broken because of me sitting on it all the time. I am actually kind of forced to do so. No, the reason is not that I would be playing video games non-stop.  No worries, you will get to understand why.
   "Mark, could you identify the mistake in this sentence?" says the teacher. "Oh god, what is it she wants?", I think to myself. While receiving this question, I quickly close the Neflix movie, and switch to Teams. "I am sorry, sorry for real, but I do not happen to know it, Mrs Teacher. It's definitely not because I wasn't paying attention all the time."
   What you just read is a typical situation during attending the fourth grade of a high school from distance, at least in my life.
   Once you have kids, show this to them. They'll think it's a sci-fi. In fact, a fantasy.

  • Covid and cultural heritage

    This is an article about Covid Culture from Markéta Zaoralová (sexta)



    This reflection is from Petra Ptáčková (sexta).

    Barbora Ptáčková - Covid and Cultural Heritage
  • Tales by students

    A narrative

    (write a narrative about an interesting experience, real or invented)

    Probably everyone at school knows that I do karate. I trained an entire year to prepare for the national championship.
    I had to practice my speed, strength, technique, but I also did weightlifting. It was not easy at all. I was in quarantine for 2 months and I had no covid symptoms. Therefore, I was sure that my test would be negative.
    I came to Pardubice where the competition took place. At hospital, they did an antigen test to everyone. My test turned out to be positive. I was immediately given a second test, which should be 100% accurate, and it was sent to the lab. I left home in a sad and disappointed mood. Maybe, I trained all the year without being able to accomplish my effort to win.
    The next day, I received the test result. Fortunately, it was negative. It was probably the most interesting end of 2020 for me because I have never experienced anything like that.

    Tereza Válková, 3. AP

    The first short story was written by Natálie Cintulová from 4. C.

    Natálie Cintulová 4. C - Short Story
  • Group work