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About us


Hello!  We are the Tercie class. We are the 1 st class ever to participate in the CLIL project. We will be managing Instagram and Facebook accounts fully in English language. Also, we will write articles to the school magazine Litero.  

  • What is CLIL
    CLIL is a shortcut for Content and Language Integrated Learning.  But what does it mean exactly? It is a educational method based on teaching school subjects through foreign language. Pretty cool, right?  
  • Graduate Profile

    This studying specialization is meant for students, who want to continue in study on high schools here or abroad after the graduation.

    The specialization provides general educational basis, subject selectability in higher years of study allows the students to have good professional preparedness not only in foreign languages, but also in other subjects of humanities and biology.

    The graduate is well equipped with knowledge of English language, which extended teaching is evident from the teaching plan, and speaks another foreign language. The modern method of CLIL education is used in teaching English language.

    The CLIL method will be applied in history, social science basis, geografy, informatics and physical education. The students will be intensively preparing to teach general education subjects in English in the first and the second years of study. At least two of these subjects will be taught by CLIL, in which 25 % will be taught in English in the third to the sixth year of study.

    At the higher level of the grammar school, the students are prepared to take international language exams (FCE, CAE) as a part of their teaching in English. The students are prepared for international exams in other foreign languages in hobby departments. These are exams in German and French (Goethe-Zertifikat and DELF).

    The grammar school study aims to ensure that the graduate:

    • Recognises and develops his own abilities and applies them together with acquired knowledge and skills in desicions in his own life and professional orientation.

    • Acquires learning strategy and is motivated for lifelong learning.

    • Improves his communicative skills and abilities.

    • Tends to have creative and logical thinking and problem solving.

    • Expands ability to cooperate and to respect the work and achievements of himself and others.

    • Shows himself as an independent, free and responsible personality.

    • Exercises his rights and fulfilles his duties.

    • Actively develops and protects his physical, mental and social health and is responsible for them.

    • Tolerates and considerate other people, their cultures and spiritual values.


  • Subjects

    Through CLIL we will be learning this year in these subjects : PE, Civics and Informatics, later on in History and Geography. 

    Inclusion of the CLIL method into years of studies

    The CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method is used in teaching. The inclusion of teaching in chosen subjects and years of studies is presented in the chart below.

    of study










    Social science basis















    Physical education






  • Participants
    • Teachers
      • Mgr. Šárka Čecháčková – PE 
      • Mgr. Lucie Charvátová – Civics 
      • Mgr. Kateřina Herinková – Informatics 
      • Mgr. Helena Hiklová – PE, Geography
      • Mgr. Olga Blažková – Class teacher – prima
      • Mgr. Eva Kvapilová – Class teacher – sekunda
      • Mgr. Lucie Charvátová – Class teacher – tercie
      • Mgr. Karel Berka – Class teacher – kvarta
      • Mgr. Marcela Čelechovská – Class teacher – kvinta
    • Students
      • Prima

        Class teacher: Mgr. Olga Blažková

      • Sekunda

        Class teacher: Mgr. Eva Kvapilová

      • Tercie

        Class teacher: Mgr. Lucie Charvátová

      • Kvarta

        Class teacher: Mgr. Karel Berka


      • Kvinta

        Class teacher: Mgr. Marcela Čelechovská


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