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Entrance examination

Dates of exams:

  • 1st date – Monday 17th April 2023
  • 2nd date – Thuesday 18th April 2023

Students are assessed on the basis of the following criteria: 

  1. The result of centrally entered tests in the Czech language and mathematics (the result is taken into account 70 %). To successfully pass the unified exam, the student must obtain at least 30 points in total for uniform tests in the Czech language and mathematics. 
    Applicants with special educational needs will be adapted to the conditions for holding a uniform examination according to the current statement of the school counseling facility submitted together with the application, no later than March 1, 2020. Foreigners who received previous education at a foreign school and applied for a uniform examination Czech language and literature, they do not take the exam. The school will verify the knowledge of the Czech language, which is necessary for education in the given field. To include the given candidate in the final order, the order in the reduced evaluation will be used (ie it does not contain the test result from the Czech language and literature).  
  2. Benefit in primary school from the 6th year and the first half of the 7th year (result taken into account 30 %). Grades from the following subjects are included: Czech language, English language, history, civics (citizenship education), geography, mathematics, natural history, physics. For foreigners, the benefit will be evaluated by interview. A maximum of 16 points can be obtained for each semester. The minimum number of points to meet the admission criteria is 6. 
  3. Successes in competitions and shows announced in the Bulletin of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the school years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 - placing third in the district and regional rounds and placing in the national round - for each competition the candidate will be awarded 1 point.

In case of equality of points, the following will be gradually taken into account: 

  • test result from Czech; 
  • test result from Maths; 
  • educational results of the 1st half of the 7th year of primary school (achievement average); 
  • educational results from the 2nd half of the 6th year of primary school (achievement average); 
  • results of education from the 1st half of the 6th year of primary school (achievement average). 

The order of candidates results from the total number of points obtained in the admission procedure. 

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